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Engineering Castings

Our foundry customizes various engineering castings as per the drawings or samples.
Application: hydraulic equipments, municipal constructions, building material, various machinery, automobile etc. .The material includes grey iron, ductile iron and aluminum alloy.

We guarantee the mechanical property will reach your request. We always use the top quality raw material. Every furnace we will do the chemical composition analysis before pouring and we will produce the test bar for the mechanical property test, such as the tension strength test, elongation rate test, hardness test. And also some other test asked from the customers.

We also have a very strict goods test regulation before the delivery
Firstly, we instruct our workers to know well the customer’s requirements which they are producing on.
Secondly, during the production, the QC will do the inspection on the dimension, surface quality etc.
Lastly, before the package and delivery, we will do the random inspection.
Once we have found any defects beyond the customer’s request. We will make the modification at the first time or produce new goods at the soonest time. What we insist is we will NEVER deliver any defective goods to our customers.

The customer also can ask the Third-Party Inspection company to conduct any inspections before the delivery.
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