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Hardware & Stampings

For each work, to meet customer’s satisfaction, we choose the top quality raw material. Meanwhile, we keep the cost as low as possible.

We are equipped with 25 to 400 tons punch press, 100 & 315 tons hydraulic press; 80 & 65 tons drawing machine; 40 & 100 tons bending and cutting machine, welding machine, common and CNC lathe, extrusion production line and various necessary associated facilities.

The service we provide: punching, stretching, CNC machining, bending, welding, extrusion etc.
Application: building material, civil & industry utensil, ornamental, electron, machinery spare parts, apparel & bags, auto parts.
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  • Stamping & Fabrication
  • Steel Chain and Rigging
  • Extrusions & Profiles
  • Machining Parts
  • Fastener