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Residential Mailbox & Address Plaque

Our residential mailbox is distinctive from the quality, security, durability & decoration. They are produced from durable aluminum alloy. We choose traditional sand casting process or die casting process as different request.There are wall mount mailbox, post mount mailbox, pedestal mailbox and column mailbox. To secure the mails and the letters, we choose the high quality locks.
The mailbox post is available in center mounted, side mounted or double mounted designs.A separate newspaper box can be added upon request. Also a separate address plaque can be mounted to the post if you like.
On all the mailboxes and address plaque, we make the weather-durable powder coating or painting from your favorite color, which will help prevent rusting and also adds a decoration for your home.
Our in-house mould development ability, enable us to produce any special design at your favorite under a low cost. We can add any LOGO, image or your house number as per your interest.
Our products are produced by the finest craftsmanship and of a durable rust-proof surface.The elegant design and appearance will be an attractive decoration for your residence. Scroll to see more information …
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