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Lamp Posts

Spanish Style Lamppost, Victorian Style Lamppost and customize various lighting pole, pole base, column as your requirements. We have special lathe to machining the lamppost. The Maximum length we can machining is 6Meter.
We not only conduct the quality test from the customer, such as the perpendicularity, sand holes, but also we have strict in-house inspection standard. We will make sure the delivered goods is non-defective.
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  • NM-L19NM-L19
  • NM-L20NM-L20
  • NM-L21NM-L21
  • NM-L22NM-L22
  • NM-L23NM-L23
  • NM-L24NM-L24
  • NM-L25NM-L25
  • NM-L26NM-L26
  • NM-L27NM-L27